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Training Camp With Shifu Shi Yan Jun (Shaolin Warrior Monk) In India

10 Oct 2015

Sifu Chandresh Yadav president of Association of martial art shaolin Kung fu, welcome the world's famous  Master Shi Yan jun who is one of the Authentic 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk of the Shaolin Temple and 17th Generation Disciple of Mei Hua Quan. Sifu chandresh and his team are invited to shifu shi yan jun for visit India, shifu shi yan jun accepted his request for visit India as well as agree to provide training to all student of AMSKF and others.

shaolin kung fu shaolin kungfu

Bai Shi Ceremony of Sifu Chandresh "Shi Heng du"

11 Oct 2015

Bai Shi : In China kung fu is the traditional system and most important part of life, traditional skill may be passed down from Sifu to disciple, whether it be any style of kung fu i.e shaolin kung fu, paq wa, hsing yee, taichi, etc. Becoming a disciple forges a unique bond between Student and ancestor’s lineage that who preserved your tradition before you. It is a Close and special relationship between master and disciple (Student), basically you are not only student but also familiar. You become family.
Legend says that tea offering is the easiest way for Bai Shi, The disciple acceptance ceremony student offering tea to a sifu. The student would bow three times to the Sifu, then give some lucky money in a red Cover, known as Lai Shi. Following that, the new student would acknowledge all of the elder students. the sifu will even bestow a kung fu family name.
It is Most important to preserve in mind that a discipleship does Not mean blind obedience; it actually means mutual loyalty between the Sifu and the student (disciple).
Sifu Chandresh (Shi Heng Du) Bai Shi Ceremony: Sifu Chandresh Yadav became an official disciple of Master Shi Yan Jun  on October  11th 2015. His Daoist name is Shi Heng Du. Shi Heng Du is very fortunate to be part of the lineage and has committed to studying and teaching Shaolin Kung Fu and Mei Hua Quan as part of his spiritual path for the rest of his life.  Now Sifu Chandresh Yadav (Shi Heng Du) is Authentic 35th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk of the Shaolin Temple and 18th Generation Disciple of Mei Hua Quan.

sifu chandresh sifu chandresh shifu shi yan jun shifu chandresh